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What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting is the process of forcing a current of abrasive material at a surface under high pressure. This process is done to reshape a surface, to smooth or add texture to a surface, or to remove contaminants from a surface. The blasting media is propelled by a pressurized fluid, such as compressed air or by a centrifugal wheel. The media used can be a strong or mild abrasive. Shot blasting and sandblasting are the most abrasive methods, whereas glass bead blasting is moderately abrasive. Sometimes ground-up walnut shells, plastic stock or corncobs are used as the media, which is also a moderately abrasive method. Sodablasting, which uses baking soda, is a mild abrasive method. Those looking for nonabrasive methods may consider ice blasting or dry ice blasting.

Blasting can also be done in many different forms. Wet abrasive blasting can be used with a variety of media along with hot water and soap. This method is a combined degreasing and blasting effect. It is also dust-free. In bead blasting, surface deposits are removed through the use of glass beads under high pressure. This method does not damage surfaces. In the hydro-blasting water is applied at high pressure to strip away chemicals, paint, and other buildup. This system is perfect for reaching spots that are difficult to access. Micro-abrasive blasting is also useful for hard to reach areas. This method also referred to as pencil blasting because it propels a very fine stream of abrasive media at a surface. However, in wheel blasting, instead of using fluid or air to propel the abrasive, a wheel machine is used. This method involves using abrasive media that can be recycled such as stainless steel shot or cut wire.

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