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We specialize in Kenco Wear Parts for asphalt plants and paving machinery for one, simple reason: they’re engineered to run longer. That reduces your parts replacement cycles and eliminates unnecessary downtime, so you save money.

Asphalt Drum Mixer and Aggregate Dryer Flights

  • Kenco cast uni-flights provide significantly longer wearlife than conventional flights
  • Nominal hardness of 700 Brinell will not fold over or distort from wear
  • Convenient, bolt-on modular design allows individual worn-out castings to be replaced, instead of the entire flight

Discharge Flights for Asphalt Drum Mix Plants

  • 1” x 1” tungsten carbide impregnated wear bar stays at full size longer, and allows flight wear check from the access hatch on many drums
  • Provide superior clean-out performance while minimizing asphalt buildup
  • 400 Brinell steel base plate ensures longer wearlife

Spiral Flight Shoes for All Drum Mix Plants

  • Eliminate the extreme wear of most spiral flights in drum mix asphalt plants
  • Install easily and fit on the step area of the spiral flight
  • SFS-48 wear lip provides additional wear metal in critical areas
  • Can usually be installed on worn flights if there is enough metal to support the mounting bolts

Combustion Flight Castings

  • Five-year guarantee
  • Help prevent wear on the tops of conventional asphalt drum mix combustion flights
  • K-Chrome 700 castings, with a nominal hardness of 700 Brinell, bolt on the top flat surface of the flights, and can be installed on existing combustion flights that are structurally sound

Pugmill Liners and Seal Collars

  • Provide maximum wearlife in abrasive mixing operations
  • Available for direct OEM replacement on popular pugmill models
  • Cast from Alloy-K, with hardness in excess of 550 Brinell
  • Optional 700 Brinell hardness for extreme applications

Fabricated Gate Assembly

  • Available for several popular pugmills
  • Longer wearlife gates with Alloy-K cast liners and extreme service cast slide rails, both with a hardness in excess of 550 Brinell

Cone Liners

  • Computer-designed kits available in three different metal hardnesses to match job requirements:
  1. AR-500 steel: Low to medium tonnage, primary or secondary silo
  2. 550 Brinell castings: High tonnage, abrasive materials, primary silo
  3. 700 Brinell castings: Very high tonnage, extremely abrasive materials, primary silo

Slat Conveyor Liners

  • Lightweight, in easy to manage sizes
  • Install without heavy lifting equipment
  • Holes cast in place for fast, easy bolt-on or weld-on installation
  • Cast from 550 Brinell Alloy-K for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Significantly outwears conventional abrasion-resistant steel plates

Chute Liners

  • Available in shapes and sizes to fit any chute
  • Alloy-K casting provides maximum abrasion resistance against dry aggregate and hot asphalt materials
  • Can be custom cut to either 550 or 700 Brinell hardness castings to exact job requirements
  • Bolt in place or weld with exclusive Kenco weld washers
  • Mount on a studded or plain steel backing plate, based on specific needs

Baghouse Wear Parts – Pipe Elbows

  • Available in 15 degree and straight length sections that combine easily to fit a required radius
  • 550 Brinell K-Chrome provides longer wearlife in all applications, wet or dry, abrasive or corrosive

Baghouse Wear Parts – Dry Bearings & Coupling Shafts

  • Exclusive 500 Brinell K-Chrome alloy provides significantly longer wearlife than conventional chilled iron bearings
  • Available in round-round or square-round configurations to fit most applications

Elevator Buckets & Bucket Wear Lips

  • Tungsten carbide wear lips provide substantially longer wearlife than standard buckets
  • Custom-made tungsten carbide wear lips weld easily to existing elevator buckets in the field

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