Garnet Abrasive in Byron Center, MI

More than 25 years ago, Grand Northern Products began offering the highest-quality finishing solutions to our customers. Since then our focus has always been providing our clients with the latest technology and insightful expertise in order to help them quickly and efficiently complete any project with superior results.

Benefits of Using a Garnet Abrasive

Heavier and harder than other blasting abrasives, garnet abrasives provide increased durability. These abrasives can be recycled efficiently and they cut faster, which reduces a project’s time and cost. Garnet abrasives are natural and inert, and they contain no heavy metals. They also produce less dust than other abrasives. Garnet abrasives leave a clean surface that is practically free of embedded particles which allow coatings to adhere better to the surface and last longer. Garnet usually has less than 1% free silica and is low dusting, making it more environmentally friendly than other blasting media. It is also more cost-effective than alternative abrasives. In addition, garnet abrasives do not draw moisture and will not react with coatings. These abrasives are available in a variety of sizes and grades making them suitable for a variety of tasks.

What Can You Use a Garnet Abrasive On?

Garnet abrasives can be used on aluminum and fiberglass surfaces, as well as on stainless steel and non-magnetic steel. Garnet abrasives are useful in confined spaces or on structures that are over or adjacent to bodies of water (where water contamination must be avoided) since they produce a low amount of dust. These abrasives are useful for industrial painting, powder coating, and denim blasting.

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