Glass Bead Blasting in Byron Center, MI

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Benefits of Using Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting leaves a luminous satin finish, all without changing the dimensions of the parts. When it comes to delicate surfaces with thin walls and welds, glass bead blasting is the perfect solution as it prevents damage and extensive stress. This blasting process also creates a matte finish. Larger glass beads can be used for a more textured finish, whereas smaller glass beads are ideal for a smoother finish. The glass beads used are made of soda lime glass, which contains no lead or free silica. The glass beads can be recycled several times, and the blasting process is chemically inert and environmentally safe. This blasting method also does not leave any residue or embedded contaminates, and can make a surface more resistant to corrosion.

What Items or Products Can You Use Glass Bead Blasting On?

Each type of blasting media has its own specialized purpose. Glass bead blasting can be used on many different materials including titanium, steel, aluminum, copper, and sterling silver. It can also be used on glass, plastic, rubber and bronze. It is useful for removing paint and coatings, preparing surfaces, and removing rust, carbon, and corrosion. In addition, glass bead blasting can be used for steel and glass etching. This method can be used for cleaning equipment, as well as restoring cars and trucks. Glass bead blasting is also useful for finding weld and solder flaws as well as removing residue from pistons and valves.

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