Precision Finishing Services

shutterstock_258345653Grand Northern Products provides in-house finishing services where quality and precision are absolute requirements.  We specialize in investment-cast surface enhancement supporting the aerospace industry where both fast lead times and consistent quality of zero defects are mandatory.   We process parts for multiple investment-cast companies and engine builders from small solid blades to 80” diameter frames and stators in Nickel and Titanium based alloys.

When you’re looking for cost-effective, reliable parts processing, rely on Grand Northern Products to get the job done exactly right.

ISO Certified

Our ISO certified facility has the equipment and the staff with hands-on experience in meeting the most rigorous requirements in a wide range of industries, including medical, jewelry, automotive, industrial parts, electronic, and aerospace.

It is our policy to provide our customers with the highest quality products, the most efficient channel of delivery, and competitive pricing. We intend to be the premier supplier of surface enhancement technology to the markets and industries we serve.
Grand Northern Products is committed to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and offering our shareholders a consistent return and acceptable return on their investment.

Grand Northern Products has been certified by American Systems Registrar, LLC., an accredited registrar. Click more for a copy of our ISO certificate.

Start-to-finish services

With a complete range of equipment and capabilities, from automated processes to those that require a skilled human touch, we can take your part from raw component to final product and deliver it to your door, just-in-time. Our job-shop services include:

•Parts washing
•Air and wheel abrasive blasting
•Parts inspection
•Parts labeling, and packaging
•Pick-up and delivery services

Call today

Give us a call at (616) 583-5000 or toll free (800) 968-1811, and we can set up a convenient time to show you what we can do. Or have us quote your next project, whether it’s a short-term parts run or a long-term solution. You’ll see how cost-effective we can be.