Grand Northern Products stocks most common abrasive supplies to keep your process running. We stock most materials for immediate pick-up or shipping to keep your inventory costs down and provide just in time logistics. We also maintain an expensive spare parts and wear component inventory to keep you operational and reduce down-time. We’ll work with you to come up with the most effective process for your desired surface finishing results.

Coated and Bonded Abrasives

Commonly referred to as sandpaper, we supply some of the best known coated abrasive products in the world. We have partnerships with Mirka, SIA, VSM, Osborn, Starke and countless others to supply your coated abrasives including quick change discs, belts, hook and loop discs, rolls, sheets and pads. We also offer wheels, buffing heads, mounted points, etc. to keep you running. Because of the endless variety of coated and bonded abrasives available, contact us to see how we can help.

Spare Parts

The spare parts you need can be found at Grand Northern Products. We stock common parts for most brands of blasting and vibratory finishing equipment.  From common wear items like gloves, nozzles, hoses, and windows, to specialty valves and parts, we either have stock or can find what you need immediately.

If you’d like, we can install the parts for you.  If the job becomes too complicated, our factory-trained service technicians are available to troubleshoot or repair/refurbish your equipment, depending on necessity.

For parts or repair, call us at (616) 583-5000 or toll free (800) 968-1811.

Specialty Materials

Grand Northern Products provides some of the most high-tech specialty ceramic materials available.  We provide materials for investment casting shell, including: yttria flour, yttria stabilized zirconia, zirconia, yttria stabilized nickel, mullite, calcined alumina, zirconia silicate, tabular alumina, etc.  Our customers include some of the most high-tech investment casting houses and aerospace engine builders in the world.

Blasting Media

At Grand Northern Products, we rely on a worldwide base of reputable suppliers. As a result, we are able to provide consistently high-quality products with timely delivery and competitive prices. We make a point of providing a selection of the best media and the most effective equipment and process for your application.

  • brown-fused-aluminum-oxideExtremely fast cutting
  • Can produce an “anchor” pattern to prep for recoating
  • Removes heavy foreign matter, deburrs, frosts glass, and letters stone
  • Can be reused many times
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • White aluminum oxide
    Used when iron contamination is a concern, or as a refractory material in the investment casting process
  • Blasting applications include medical and aerospace manufacturing
  • glass bead
    All-purpose media
  • Hones, polishes, peens, blends, finishes, removes light burrs, or cleans light foreign matter (e.g., carbon or surface residues from pistons and valves)
  • Can be used to detect weld and solder flaws
  • Available in a wide range of sizes (screens)
  • crushed glassSharp, more aggressive media than glass bead
  • Used when glass chemical properties are desired
  • Very economical blast media, but only offers a few cycles before breakdown
  • ceramic shotLittle to no dust
  • Cleans, satin finishes, deburrs, and tumbles.
  • Exceptional working life
  • Can be used for stainless steel and nonferrous metal surfaces.
  • No subsequent decontamination required
  • Excellent for stainless steel weld cleaning
  • steel shotCauses a peening action and produces a dimpled surface
  • Peens and cleans heavy forgings and removes heat-treating scale
  • Cleans quickly
  • Ideal to prep surface for a new coating
  • Can be mixed with grit to achieve unique finishes
  • cut wireSimilar to Steel Shot and Steel Grit
  • Can be used ‘as-cut’ or ‘conditioned’ to remove sharp edges
  • silicon carbideHard, sharp abrasive
  • Most aggressive loose grain abrasive
  • plastic mediaHigh tensile, compressive, and flexural strength, combined with comparatively low hardness
  • Deflashes plastic parts and cleaning molds, dies, electronic connections, and circuit boards
  • Deburrs machined-iron castings and nonferrous screw machine parts
  • Walnut-ShellRemoves foreign matter or coatings without etching, scratching, or marring the cleaned areas
  • Cleans delicate molds, armatures, and electric motors prior to rewinding
  • sodaSoft, single-pass media
  • Cleans and depaints machines, dies, molds, and presses
  • Degreases and strips almost any material without substrate damage
  • dry ice pelletsUsed for mold cleaning
  • Excellent for remediation projects for fire and flood cleanup
  • C02 leaves no residue except your material, it simply evaporates after use
  • Jet-MagUsed in replacement of Silica Sand
  • Sythetic olivine best used as a general use blasting abrasive
  • Used primarily for wet blast applications
  • coal slagOne of the cheapest and most effective medias
  • garnetCost effective general blasting abrasive
  • Higher grades are used for waterjet cutting

Contact us for more information on how to order the media type best suited for your application.



Vibratory Finishing Compound

We stock most common and many uncommon vibratory compounds, soaps, detergents and inhibitors.  Having a problem with your current process?  A simple compound change may be the best way to go.  Let us know how we can help!

Vibratory Finishing Media

Vibratory finishing requires the right mix of chemistry and media to achieve results.  We’re happy to work with you and our partners to find the right solution for your process.

Ceramic media uses an abrasive (aluminum oxide or silicon carbide most commonly) blended with clay and formed into a specific size/shape to work with your process.  Ceramic medias are the most aggressive medias and can provide all types of surface finishing including deflashing/deburring , radiusing, Ra surface improvement, edge breaking and super-polishing.

  • 22-degree-angle-trianglesProvides uniform and effective finishing action
  • Retains basic shape throughout usage
  • Most effective on flat surfaces where they provide a maximum amount of surface contact
  • Angled sides provide better corner penetration
  • Provides a sharper angle to better penetrate remote areas
  • Elongated shape gives better flowing action over parts
  • straight-cut-trianglesProvides maximum surface contact on flat surfaces
  • Straight-sided shape gives a blocky action that helps maximize cutting action
  • tri-cylsNew, versatile shape for a wide variety of surfaces
  • Cylindrical surface mates well with concave surfaces, plus two flat surfaces that perform well on convex surfaces
  • Combines strong points of triangles and cylinders, to penetrate into corners, slots and angles
  • 22-degree-cut-tristarsBasic capabilities of a triangle, along with sharp points to penetrate remote areas
  • Universal application media that can deburr hard-to-reach areas, such as gear teeth, slots or sharp corners
  • 22-degree-angle-cut-cylindersProvides a flowing action to maximize results
  • Best for use on concave surfaces, rounded areas, and holes
  • Durable shape for use on a wide variety of parts
  • 45-degree-angle-cut-cylindersReaches recesses, holes and remote crevices with even better penetration than 22° angle-cut cylinders
  • Maintains uniform shape throughout usage
  • 22-degree-angle-cut-ellipseCombines the finishing action of a flat shape with the flowing action of a cylindrical shape
  • Especially effective on concave surfaces
  • Elliptical shape has anti-wedging characteristics that reduce or eliminate lodging problems
  • spheresRolls smoothly and easily around and through parts to produce a cleaning and blending action
  • Will not nick or scratch parts
  • Provides good contact in rounded areas
  • microbriteVery hard and dense media for burnishing and polishing
  • Excellent flowing action
  • Requires break-in to achieve best results

Steel/Stainless Steel Media

Typically in star, ball, pin or ballcone/satellite.  Used primarily for burnishing, edge breaking and cleaning.

  • ellipse mediaRound balls with slight flattening at poles
  • steel ballRound balls with flats for more critical finishing requirements
  • steel pinTapers to pointed ends
  • Reaches into recesses and grooves
  • Deflashes throughholes and cleans threaded areas
  • ballconeCombines burnishing abilities of balls and cones in a scientifically proportioned shape
  • steel coneCenter flange and tapered crowns
  • Provides contact in angles and on curved surfaces
  • Small sizes for ornamental designs
  • steel ovalballCreates oscillating motion in the finishing mass
  • Provides more surface-to-surface contact than balls
  • steel diagonalDiagonally-cut ends with beveled edges effectively finish corners
  • Cylindrical body for wide area contacts
  • steel abcutPatented abrasive surface puts teeth into finishing
  • Fast, heavy deburring, burnishing and material removal

Plastic Media

Plastic media is formed from a loose abrasive (aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) mixed with a plastic carrier.  Plastic media is ideal for fine polishing and offers excellent shape consistency without breakage as media wears down.

  • plastic coneUnique shape enables them to deburr into remote areas without lodging
  • Wears extremely well because there are no sharp edges
  • Excellent surface contact
  • Minimizes lodging
  • Reaches hard to finish corners, slots, and angles
  • Combines the advantages of triangles and cylinders
  • Penetrates into corners, slots, and angles
  • plastic pyramidProvides best cutting action by combining deburring surfaces of other media shapes
  • Reaches into holes and slots without lodging
  • plastic wedgeUnique design eliminates many lodging problems
  • Reaches hard to finish corners, slots, and angles
  • plastic tristarCan replace three or more sizes of other media
  • Three points allow a variety of uses from simple to intricate applications
  • plastic triangleGives maximum surface contact while minimizing or even eliminating lodging
  • Retains uniform shape throughout its life

Kenco Wear Supplies

Every time your equipment is down because of worn parts, it’s costing you money. To eliminate that unnecessary downtime, rely on Kenco Wear Supplies, longer wearlife parts for asphalt plants and construction machinery.
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