Blasting Media

At Grand Northern Products, we rely on a worldwide base of reputable suppliers. As a result, we are able to provide consistently high-quality products with timely delivery and competitive prices. We make a point of providing a selection of the best media and the most effective equipment and process for your application.

What is Sandblasting?

Abrasive media blasting involves changing a surface with the high-pressure propulsion of small particles of abrasive material against the surface. Blasting systems propel the media, which ranges from highly abrasive to barely abrasive or nonabrasive, towards the surface that needs to be treated. The force of these small media particles can remove material and/or smooth rough surfaces.

Types of Blasting Media

Glass Bead

Glass Bead

  • All-purpose media
  • Hones, polishes, peens, blends, finishes, removes light burrs, or cleans light foreign matter (e.g., carbon or surface residues from pistons and valves)
  • Can be used to detect weld and solder flaws
  • Available in a wide range of sizes (screens)
Ceramic Shot

Ceramic Shot

  • Little to no dust
  • Cleans, satin finishes, deburrs, and tumbles.
  • Exceptional working life
  • Can be used for stainless steel and nonferrous metal surfaces.
  • No subsequent decontamination required
  • Excellent for stainless steel weld cleaning
Steel Shot

Steel Shot

  • Causes a peening action and produces a dimpled surface
  • Peens and cleans heavy forgings and removes heat-treating scale
Steel Grit

Steel Grit

  • Cleans quickly
  • Ideal to prep surface for a new coating
  • Can be mixed with grit to achieve unique finishes
Brown Aluminum Oxide

Brown Aluminum Oxide

  • Extremely fast cutting
  • Can produce an “anchor” pattern to prep for recoating
  • Removes heavy foreign matter, deburrs, frosts glass, and letters stone
  • Can be reused many times
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Available in a wheel grade grain (produced to grinding wheel specifications), which is used in tight tolerance blasting, lapping, or where iron levels or dust are of concern
White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide

  • Used when iron contamination is a concern or as a refractory material in the investment casting process
  • Blasting applications include medical and aerospace manufacturing
Black Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide

  • Hard, sharp abrasive
  • Most aggressive loose grain abrasive
Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass

  • Sharp, more aggressive media than glass bead
  • Used when glass chemical properties are desired
Plastic Media

Plastic Media

  • High tensile, compressive, and flexural strength, combined with comparatively low hardness
  • Deflashes plastic parts and cleaning molds, dies, electronic connections, and circuit boards
  • Deburrs machined-iron castings and nonferrous screw machine parts
Walnut Shells

Walnut Shell

  • Removes foreign matter or coatings without etching, scratching, or marring the cleaned areas
  • Cleans delicate molds, armatures, and electric motors prior to rewinding
Baking soda


  • Soft, single-pass media
  • Cleans and depaints machines, dies, molds, and presses
  • Degreases and strips almost any material without substrate damage
Vibratory Finishing

Jet Mag

  • Used in replacement of Silica Sand
  • Synthetic olivine best used as a general use blasting abrasive


  • Used primarily for wet blast applications

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