Used Equipment

We stock an extensive assortment of used, fully refurbished equipment turn-key ready for your process.  If cost or lead-time for a new machine is a major concern, we may have a reconditioned machine suited for your application.  Please see below for our in-stock ready to ship inventory.

Inventory changes daily, please call to check pricing and confirm availability.

*SOLD* Roto-Finish ER1011 Cob Dryer

10 cu. ft.

New bearings,seals, screen, and hold downs.

Control panel has second motor starter and controls for heat lamps.

Heat lamps can be added at additional cost if needed.

Roto-Finish ER 20

S/N ER1822C-00-C2 J/N 5237

20 cubic ft curve wall burnisher.

New Bearings, seals, o-rings, gate assembly, compound system, flow meter, drains, air lines/water line

Bowl recently relined - like new condition.

Pneumatic gate.

Empire TT20S

Empire TT20 S

Less than 800 Original Hours

Fully Reconditioned

6 guns, can run up to 12

Can accommodate max part size 8"d X 10"h

Empire ERGO 4848 PRC-9 Pressure

48 IN x 48 IN Blast Area

ERGO Blast Package

1 CU FT Pressure Pot

900 CFM Lined Reclaimer

CDC-9 2HP Cartridge Dust Collector

36" Lined Manual Turntable


Roto-Finish ER2530 SFB

S/N ER-2530SFB-03-B2

Urethane liner in excellent condition

Pneumatic unload plug

Fully reconditioned

Includes 14.5" riser base to feed material handling system


*SOLD* Roto-Finish HR17

S/N 35230 J/N 7907

Curve Wall Vibratory Burnisher

New Bearings and Seals

New Gate Assembly

Excellent Condition

* SOLD* Empire 6060RS 9 Gun Rotary Head

Empire 6060 Continuous Turntable 9 Gun Rotary Head

Almost all parts other than the shell are new

Includes CDC-9 Dust Collector with photohelic knock-down

52" Turntable

*SOLD* Empire IL-4884-RS9

Empire 9 gun rotary head inline belt

24" Wide belt

Media make-up with low level detection

1600 CFM Reclaimer/Dust Collector

All wear items new

Fully lined cabinet and reclaimer

Rosler R300

Rosler R300 Vibratory Bowl

Capable of fully automatic operation

In like-new condition

Includes fiberglass noise cover

10 cubic feet capacity

Armex 12XS Soda Pot

Scmidtt/Armex Accustrip 12XS Portable Soda Blast System

2 cubic foot pressure pot

100 lb. capacity media hopper

Includes 15' Blast hose/twinline/deadman switch

Includes fan nozzle

Empire 2636 Pro-Lifter

Empire 2636 Pro-Lifter Cabinet

1 ft³ pressure pot

24" manual turntable

Fully lined interior/reclaimer

Heavy duty hose

Pro-Lifter ergonomic package

CDC-6 Dust Collector

* SOLD * Roto-Finish Gemini 700

Roto-Finish Gemini 700

7 ft³ capacity

Portable compound system

Lining in good condition

New gate assembly

*SOLD* FJC Drum Washer

Single wash station - great prewash for vibratory process

19" drum diameter, 20" submersion section

Mist collector


Abrasive Blast Systems 3224

All-in-one package

32' X 24" workspace

Lined reclaimer

Cartridge dust collector w/pneumatic knockdown

In excellent condition

*SOLD* AFI Vibratory Finisher

Continuous multi-pass or batch processing capability

10 ft³ Capacity

Fully refurbished

Liner in excellent condition


Empire IL 4884-P Robotic Blaster

Robotic programmable automated blast system w/manual blast station

Powered roller conveyor

Fanuc LR Mate 200iB/5P robot w/teach pendant

High and low level media sensors

Safety Curtains

Lock-out door safety switches

AB PanelView 600 touchscreen controls


Empire ERGO 4848 SRC-9 Suction

48 IN x 48 IN Blast Area

ERGO Blast Package


900 CFM Lined Reclaimer

DCM 200 Bag Dust Collector


Roto-Finish Roto-Max RM3 Automatic

SN: RM-3A-05-01

Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Fully Automated System

PLC Controlled

New Gear Box and Motor

39 IN Load Height

30 IN Unload Height