Grand Northern Products provides world class equipment for surface finishing.  From vibratory finishing, air or wheel blasting, parts washing and anything conceivable in surface finishing or enhancement we can provide the right solution.  We are a premier distributor for many manufacturers to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Air Blast

Sandblasting, also known as media blasting, uses air pressure to convey blasting media to your part’s surface.  With the right combination of airblast equipment and media, you can achieve myriad surface finishing goals depending on your needs.  We represent the best manufacturers to provide the right equipment for your needs.

Wheel Blasting & Peening Systems

Wheelblasting uses a spinning wheel to convey media (most commonly shot or grit) to your parts’ surface.  For a successful process you need the right machine capable of meeting your needs.  Our manufacturers can provide standard and custom systems to meet your goals.

Soda / Dry Ice Blasting

Soda and Dry Ice Blasting are key to environmentally friendly blasting.  When the application is right there are no better alternatives than dry ice or soda.  We stock these machines for immediate delivery, and maintain a rental fleet for short-term projects.  Call us to learn more about soda and ice blasting and their applications.

Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing uses vibration energy typically coupled with a media and compound to work your parts.  From deburring, descaling, edge break, radiusing , buffing, polishing, cleaning, burnishing, pre-plating or improving surface Ra, there’s likely a combination of vibratory equipment and supplies to meet your surface finish needs.


Don’t let you or your operators be exposed to the harshness of blasting, call us to find the right safety equipment to ensure the well-being of your team and meet OSHA compliance.  We stock all common safety needs for the equipment we sell, including: blast suits and blast hoods, gloves, air filtration systems, CO monitors, etc.

Parts Washing

We offer some of the best parts washing systems available.  From simple spray cabinets, belt washers and drum washers, to ultrasonic automated cabinets and robotic systems, we can provide the solution for your industrial parts washing needs.

Custom Systems

Our manufacturing partners and integrators can create the custom system you need.  Whether it’s simple integration to an existing production line or a complete turn-key ground up installation, we have the expertise and resources to complete your custom system.  We’ve provided solutions ranging from basic conveyance systems to integrated 7 axis robotic cells for ‘lights-out’ manufacturing.  Customization isn’t limited to just the production environment, all equipment we provide can be modified to optimize your process.

Buffing, Polishing, Grinding

Simple, affordable, effective – grinding, buffing, and polishing isn’t glamourous, but it’s a key process in manufacturing.  We provide solutions to your most difficult jobs from basic pedestal grinders and buffers, to flat finishers, to integrated multi-stage, multiple head robotic systems.